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“Rough Waters” is written by Jenny Smedley and Graham Goodall.
‘Rough Waters’ is a new song and has not been commercially recorded. It is therefore available for interested artists.
Other songs available on request.
Please e-mail Jenny here.

Listen to the song here. This will take a few minutes to download, as this version is of radio playback quality. Thank you for your patience.

Click Here To Download And Play Rough Waters

pictured, Jenny with Sue James and Lorna Flowers, songwriters

Jenny Smedley has collaborated on many songs, including:
Reckless Heart (Smedley/Upton)
I’m Still Falling (Smedley/Upton) WON A SILVER DISK!
Spinning Jenny (Smedley/Cannell)
Training Fred (Smedley/Syer)
Royal Norfolk Show (Smedley/Syer)
Lovely Rosita (Smedley/Wendell/Wendell)
Sometimes (Smedley/Kane)
Big Surf Coming (Smedley/Upton)
Injection of affection (Smedley/Wright/Powell/Franklin)
Girl Talk (Smedley/Wright/Powell/Franklin)
Souls Don’t Lie (Smedley/Upton)
Another Kind of Rodeo (Smedley/Wright/Upton)
He’s Almost You (Smedley/Flowers/James)
You Never Left My Heart (Smedley/Flowers/James)
Bluebells (Smedley/Goodall)
Earthbound (Smedley/Goodall)
Ain’t Gonna Fall (Smedley/Goodall)
Tame Fire (Smedley/Cannell)

To hear any of these songs, or for a complete catalogue, please e-mail your request together with details of the artists you represent.