The Whole Story

Why write the book?

The goal of writing ‘Ripples’ was not to convince anyone that reincarnation is real.
It was to share an extraordinary experience I had with anyone who wanted to share it.
It was to tell anyone contemplating suicide, “if you turn your back on tomorrow, you never know what you might miss.”

To show anyone living with depression, that their life, anyone’s life, can change in an instant.It was to put the record straight, and to tell the world what Margaret and Edwin De Port did to Ryan Fitzgerald. It was to maybe show Garth something about himself. I hope that ‘Ripples’ will plant a tiny seed of spirituality in some people. Not necessarily the seed of reincarnation and karma, but ANY tiny seed of awareness. An awareness that the material world we struggle in is not the be all and end all some people think it is. That there are more important things to worry about than having the best car, best house, best furniture that some people concentrate their whole lives on. That real violence is not glamorous, but is dirty and horrendous.

To show that love IS real, and that it endures and can overcome all odds.

Photo: The house where they lived

To be a tiny cog in a gigantic wheel of world awakening. I hoped it would help me to meet Garth so that I could make sure he was not offended by my telling the story. I did meet Garth, and he satisfied me totally on that score. I am happy that ‘Ripples’ seems to be doing what it was meant to do. It was never meant to move mountains – maybe brick walls though. It is a story of love for lovers, a story of romance for romantics, it is a story of openheartedness for those with open hearts, and a story of spirituality for those who believe there is more to life than we know.

My story began 6 years ago. The events that took place that day changed me from a suicidal and overweight housewife, with apparently no talent and no future, into a successful, happy author, screenplay writer, newspaper columnist, song writer and TV Presenter of my own show! I also lost chronic pains and weight. 6 years ago basically – I was a mess! However, my life changed in a second, all because one night I felt compelled to switch on the TV, and I obeyed the instinct.

For I recognised someone on TV that night – someone I thought I had never seen before – and yet in a few seconds I became sure that I knew him, down to every last facet of his character, although his current name did not seem to fit my memories. My depression was lifted instantly. It was the most wonderful release. Some dark cloud that had been hovering over me, was dissipated in those few seconds. I didn’t understand it all. The most amazing part of it was that I knew also, that unlike in the past, this time the depression was gone for good. Somehow I could feel that the reason for it had gone. The man in question was Garth Brooks.

But in England Garth is little known, country music not being very popular in general, and I had never seen him before. I made a decision overnight. I decided to be a songwriter – and amazingly, that’s just what I did. In the next two months I wrote over 200 songs, even though I had never written one before. I contacted a man called Barry Upton. Barry was a member of ‘Brotherhood of Man, and incredibly he just loved my lyrics. By now I have had 14 songs recorded, one of which was on a UK Top 5 chart album.

Photo: The church where they were married

I still didn’t know why this was happening to me. Whenever I saw Garth Brooks, my certainty that I knew him, knew how he would react in any situation grew, but this knowledge was tinged with sadness – there was something I had to face I felt sure – something I wasn’t going to like perhaps. A friend told me that she believed in past lives, and that she believed I had recognised Garth from a past life. That there had been some unresolved trauma involving him, which would account both for the depression, and also for its sudden resolution when I saw him. She even had an answer for my new found song writing talent, claiming that it was often the way with prolific writers, that they were people who had somehow accessed their subconscious memories, as she believed I had done. She told me that I should go to a hypnotherapist and find out. I was sceptical, and I was very scared, but I needed an answer so eventually I went.

Under hypnotic regression, I remembered vividly living in the 17th century, in Hambledon, Hampshire, as Madeleine Fitzgerald, married to Ryan Fitzgerald, and this man looked exactly like a younger Garth Brooks of today. Ryan and Madeleine were tragically and prematurely torn apart, and Madeleine never knew what had become of him. This explained the depression – it was actually a very old grief. It also explained the lifting of that depression, because my subconscious had recognised him instantly. It was spellbinding. Having been a Catholic all my life, I had not considered the idea of having had past lives, but I was immediately certain it was true.

I have visited the house where Ryan and Madeleine lived. It was an extraordinary journey. I was able to tell the occupiers of the house about a secret room which they had been unable to find.
I went to the church where Ryan and Madeleine were married. This church was exactly where I had described it to be. The nearby village is no longer as and where it was back then. A painting of the original village matches my description of it perfectly. We discovered that it used to be called ‘Middleton’, as I had remembered.

Photo: Jenny on TV in Nashville

The emotions and the changes in me left no room for doubt. I went to see Garth Brooks in concert in Dublin, and even though I was far away from the stage, two more extraordinary things took place. The abdominal pain that had become ever more acute in recent times, vanished completely that day, never to return. It seems that this was a sympathetic pain, ‘brought through’ due to guilt I felt at Ryan’s fate. For Ryan was killed with a broadsword, his wound corresponding to the place where I felt the pain. (see Hot News)

Many historical and military facts from ‘Ripples’ have also been verified.

Then the extra three stone I had carried since the birth of my son, melted away, at a steady and sustainable rate¬† – without dieting. Eventually I wrote down all my memories in my book, ‘Ripples’.¬† I had never written a book before. I sent the manuscript to Joan Cook at GB Management’s offices, and she was so certain that it was true that she phoned me to say so. She said that I, someone who had never met Garth, had given such accurate details of his inner characteristics, that she felt it just had to be true.

Photo: Jenny signing books at Waterstones

Once I was signed to a publisher, the next metamorphosis in me had to begin. I had to re-invent myself from an ‘ordinary’ housewife, lacking in self confidence, into someone who was capable of doing TV and radio interviews, both in the UK and America.

I traveled with my husband, to the USA to meet this man from my past. This in itself was a minor miracle, for I had always been totally phobic of air travel, and I simply overcame it in one day, with no pills, and no therapy, just because my need to meet Garth face to face was so vital to me. I needed two things from him. Forgiveness for my part as I saw it, in Ryan’s demise, and an assurance that he did not find my story offensive. (see “When Jenny Met Garth” link above to see photos.). This was the second visit – the first time I wasn’t able to link up with him. But this time, I succeeded. And it wasn’t until a few days after this meeting that I realised that my back pain had gone – it has not returned.

Bob Jarmon (author of ‘Discovering Souls’), had the answer – as Madeleine, I had committed suicide, jumping from a rooftop. It makes sense that perhaps I broke my back in the fall. Meeting ‘Ryan’ again took away that ‘brought through’ pain.
The healing was complete thanks to this wonderful soul.

If you would like to, you can buy a copy of ‘Ripples’ at your local book store or online, and read the entire account of the life of Ryan and Madeleine. Click on the cover to find out how.