Jenny’s TV Work

Jenny produces and presents her own TV Talk Show on UK TV, where she interviews interesting people. The show is called ‘Jenny’ and airs every day at 10.00am, 1.30pm 8.30pm and 11.30pm, on ‘Taunton Television.

She also produces and presents ‘Star Zone’ a horoscope show with a difference! To talk to Jenny’s astrologer Cathy Tredgett, click here

Also showing is the recently finished series called ‘Wildlife Rescue’ where she followed the stories of animals rescued by the ‘Secret World’ sanctuary.

Check out the TV station website to see MPEGS here

NEW SERIES! Jenny is about to start filming two new series for satellite TV – ‘Ghosts & the Paranormal’, and ‘What Have We Found?. Contact Media Arts International for more info.

The profile of ‘Jenny’ is…’Insight into the unusual’.

Jenny’s guests have included people such as David Icke, Joshua Shapiro, Geno Washington, Mick Aston (Channel 4’s ‘Time Team’), Howard Middleton-Jones, David Kingston, Reg Presley, Barry Upton, Tony Buzan, Judy Hall, parapsychologists and best selling authors of controvertial books, such as Sir Laurence Gardner (‘Bloodline of The Holy Grail’), and nationally renowned psychics, such as Michele Knight (Channel 5’s ‘Housebusters’). Many claivoyants and mediums who do not normally appear on TV have been happy to join Jenny on her couch!

Jenny also did a two day special on rape.

Lately Jenny has broadened her scope to include animal welfare, and has appeared with a Barn owl on her shoulder, a baby hedgehog on her lap, and a bat on her sweater!

Future guests include Richard & Judy and Murray Walker.

Photo: Jenny interviewing David Elkington, author of ‘In The Name Of The Gods’, on the set of her show, ‘Daytime With Jenny’.

If you would like to be considered as a guest on ‘Jenny’ please call Taunton TV on 011 44 1823 250800