Welcome to the world of Jenny Smedley and “Ripples“, an inspirational place, which tells how a single second in time altered one person’s life and led to a quest for truth. Jenny discovered to her amazement that she had lived before, in another lifetime, as Madeleine de Port. That discovery and the  experiences that followed, changed Jenny from an overweight, depressed woman with no apparent future, into a successful song writer, author, screenplay writer and presenter of her own TV shows. The whole story is in the book, Ripples. To find out more click on ‘Why Write The Book’ on the side menu.

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Ripples ‘the movie’ will be called Souls Don’t Lie, and Jenny has put forward Jake Seal to play Ryan.  

Jenny on the radio Jenny has been the guest on over 350 radio stations worldwide. Including the USA, Ireland, Tasmania, South Africa, Iceland, Australia and the UK – if you would like her on your show – email her.

Soul Clans Everyone belongs to one. These are like your spiritual family – blood is thicker than water, but love is thicker than blood…..Your soul clan is made up of people you have reincarnated with many times. These are people you can trust with more than your life; you can trust them with your soul.

Jenny and angels – Jenny has encountered angels, learned to give readings using Divination Cards, and during the process of writing ‘Ripples’, she also learned how to connect with guides. For info on meditation – go to More Info.

Jenny’s Favourite charity   MUSIC FOR AFRICA. 

Please note that Jenny is not associated in any way with Media Arts International or Mr Robin Price.